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AV Services

ESC AV Services Elevate Your Presentation and Preserve It for All Time

Complete audio-visual packages for a broad range of events and purposes

Looking for AV services to support your event? ESC has the technology and the know-how to meet your every need. We are a national company with immense resources, but we provide the level of personalized and responsive service you can only get from a local business. We work closely with you to support your vision for your event, enhancing every aspect of your presentation with top-of-the-line equipment and artful, strategic execution. From small gatherings to high-production extravaganzas, ESC is the team that can deliver the best results.

What are AV Services?

The term AV services covers a wide variety of technology-based applications. ESC helps you amplify, augment, record, project, and stream your event to enhance its success. Our AV services also provide you with derivative assets you can optimize to fully capitalize on all the effort and expense you put into your event.

Our audio-visual services include:

  • Event amplification and sound design

  • Event lighting design

  • Projection mapping

  • Presentation services

  • Video and audio recording

  • Event streaming

ESC is ready to provide the comprehensive tech support you need to bring your event to life and preserve that event for future viewing.

Video Convention
Rock Concert
ESC AV services support virtually every event

ESC can provide AV support for any event you want to produce, including:

  • Arts festivals

  • Awards ceremonies

  • Charity galas

  • Community theatre productions

  • Concerts and recitals

  • Corporate events

  • Dances and cotillions

  • Fashion shows

  • Fundraisers

  • Gaming tournaments

  • Graduations

  • Neighborhood block parties

  • Parades

  • Political rallies

  • Product launches

  • Promotional events

  • Religious services

  • Seasonal festivals

  • Sporting events

  • State and county fairs

  • Theatrical productions

  • Trade shows

  • Virtual events

  • Weddings

Our services are flexible, and we have designers and technicians ready to craft exactly the plan you need to optimize your event. We are especially adept at managing hybrid events and coordinating coverage of multi-venue events.

Why you should invest in AV production for your event

You’ve already invested a significant sum in your event, so why should you spring for AV support? The reasons are many. First of all, AV services support your event in real time. You get:

  • High-quality sound so your audience can follow every word

  • Enhanced video, so there’s not a bad seat in the house

  • Augmented visuals, so your presentation appears larger than life

Crisp sound, sharp video and larger than life images make your presentation compelling. Combining these elements, you can offer your audience an engaging multi-media experience.

The benefits of enhancing your presentation with state-of-the-art AV include:

  • Resources to enable smoother, more professional and engaging speaker presentations

  • Support that makes your presenters seem larger than life

  • Professional messaging that makes an impact with the audience

  • Memorable moments that reinforce the branding of your product, service, or event

  • Greater bang for the buck for your entire event

  • Ability to stream your event to a global audience

In addition, our AV services provide you with assets in the form of audio and visual recordings that you can continue to use and monetize in the future.

Line Array JBL Mic DJ
Nationwide AV rentals of superior equipment

If you simply need equipment, you can access high-quality products from our vast stores. Available AV assets include:

  • Microphones of all varieties,  wired or cordless, lavaliere (worn), or tabled and floor mounted

  • Supplements to in-house lighting

  • Supplements to in-house sound systems

  • Portable sound systems

  • Mixer boards

  • Video cameras and recording devices

  • Podiums

  • Two-way radios

  • Video projectors

  • Screens, video monitors, and LED walls

Our equipment is of the highest quality, from nationally recognized brands, such as:

  • AKG

  • EV

  • FBT

  • JBL

  • QSC

  • RCF

  • Shure

  • Sennheiser

ESC has all the equipment you need to augment and record our presentation, so you can derive the greatest benefit from your efforts and investment.


ESC is the company to choose for quality AV services

When you choose ESC, you get a full-service event tech company with a nationwide presence. You also get a highly trained support team dedicated to the success of your event. For the best available equipment and technical assistance, make ESC is your first choice for AV services.

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