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ESC Delivers Event Lighting that Sets the Right Tone

Lighting in hotel. Event
From mood to focus to branding, the lighting we design animates your presentation

How do you set the mood for what’s to come? Music is one element you can employ, but lighting is often more subtle and powerful. Lighting design can simultaneously relax and stimulate your audience, filling them with anticipation. Lighting can focus their attention where you want it to be, reducing a vast stage to an intimate circle or a mere point. A creative use of lighting can accentuate a product you want to prominently display, and project an image onto a wall as part of the branding you want to reinforce. Proper lighting also enables photography and videography to memorialize your event. At ESC, our lighting professionals can customize service for your event, providing the mood and emphasis you need to put your message across. From dazzling sequences that electrify your audience, to restive settings that stimulate reflection, our skilled technicians can handle it all.

Lighting production for a full range of events

How you light an event, or a display within an event, makes a significant impression on your audience. The skilled lighting designers and technicians at ESC are ready to help you light up any event, including: 

  • Banquets and galas

  • Conventions

  • Concerts and stage shows

  • Corporate retreats

  • Fashion shows

  • Graduations

  • Lectures and panel discussions

  • Product launches

  • Town halls

  • Trade shows

  • Training seminars

  • Weddings

Our designers can overcome any challenges to illuminating your venue. We can banish shadows, bring dark corners to life, and balance the contrast across the whole venue. Not only will your audience have a fabulous real-time experience, but the photos and videos of the event will benefit greatly from our expertise.

Lighting project Resident MOM
Stage with lights at Marriott hotel
Customized lighting from talented designers and skilled technicians

Customized lighting is paramount for creating the exact tone you want to convey to your guests, while complementing the overall theme of your event. With ESC, you get talented lighting designers, who can enliven your theme by providing the overall ambiance and precise accents necessary to convey mood and sharpen focus. When presenting a special event, you want memorable images, whether they’re captured digitally or will simply live in the memory of your audience. Our lighting designers understand what you are trying to accomplish and respond with a personalized plan to achieve the best possible results.

Our services include effects lighting, such as strobes and blinders, haze and low-lying fog, and step and repeats. These effects are especially useful for generating an air of anticipation and establishing brand identity.

Choose complete lighting service or equipment rentals

ESC strives to meet every lighting need for your event. We provide professional lighting design, installations, operation throughout the event, and post-event breakdown and haul-away. We consult with our event planners to customize a sequence of lighting effects specifically for your program. This can include soft break-ups on the ceiling, vivid tones on the walls, and textural relief lighting.

If you only need a few devices to complement your lighting ensemble, we have a wide range of high-quality assets you can rent, such as:

  • Custom gobos

  • Haze and fog machines

  • Spots and specials

  • Strobes and blinders

  • Wash lights

  • Wireless LED uplighting

  • Wireless table pin spotting

We have a large inventory of lighting equipment to meet your needs. Our rental gear is always reliable and can be a more economical solution for events with a modest budget. Plus, with our technical consultants available 24 hours a day, you can get the support you need to ensure success.

lights outside an event hall
corporate event, blue-white lights
Why you should choose ESC for your event lighting solutions

ESC is a complete purveyor of event lighting services and equipment. We are a national company that operates on a local level. This means you have access to a tremendous store of high-quality equipment, but you receive individualized attention for every detail of your program. When you contract with ESC, you get the benefit of:

  • Talented lighting designers and trained technicians

  • Skilled installation

  • The latest, high-quality lighting equipment

  • Services scaled to your precise needs

  • Readily accessible support

When you choose ESC for your lighting needs, you get a fully resourced company that is totally committed to your event’s success.

Contact ESC to access the best lighting solutions for your event
The first step to event success is contacting ESC. Call us at [phone] or contact us online to reserve a consultation with one of your highly trained associates.
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