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Your content and creativity needs to be expressed whether to the masses or in an intimate setting.  We provide an array of solutions to set you apart.  From LED/LCD displays, Projection: including 2D, 3D, animation, Video Walls, and more.  Be expressed, be notice in real time and capture your audience's attention. ©


When doing a presentation of any sort your message should be heard clearly and distinctly.  When it comes to Sound/Audio never settle for plain an ordinary, from small gatherings, Corporate Presentations, to Major Events and Concerts, we have done it all.  Sound is key and our engineers are studio trained.  We provide customized systems to cater to your every need. Top of the line Audio Amplification EQ'd to a crisp delivery.©




From Simple to sophisticated, lighting adds that wow factor by illuminating your space and creating the energy for the entire event.  Whether you need ambient room lighting, Moving Heads, Beams, and or Customized Programming, we can design automated scenes and environments built to suit.©




We build motorized truss systems and self climbing systems to suit your lighting, sound and video needs as well as the infrastructure of the space.  We can build modular staging for all types of applications from a simple rise for a speech, concert or catwalk.  Step and repeats, podiums and other branded materials are also items we can provide and light at the same time. ©



Exhibition and Set Design, Graphics, Illustrations, Sketches, 3D Modeling/Designing.  We bring you thoughts and concepts to reality. ©




We carry a large inventory to fulfill your computer and printing needs.  PC and Mac Laptops, tablets, iPads, Servers, B/W and Color Printers/Copiers.  We also provide ARS(Audioence Response Systems).©

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