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ESC Staging and Rigging Lets Your Production Rival Broadway

Elevate your event with durable, efficient and safe stage systems

You’ve found the perfect location for your event. It’s got all the space you need for your production and your audience, it’s easily accessible, and has ample parking. There’s even an area for concessions and enough restroom capacity. There’s only one thing wrong: it doesn't have a stage. Now, before you go searching for another venue that might lack one or more of the other amenities, consider renting a stage from ESC. One call to our company can solve all your staging issues. In addition to every facet of the structural setup, you’ll have a skilled and accommodating staff ready to address your every concern. We cover all of your ancillary needs, including tenting, scaffolding, lighting, audio and supportive visuals.

How ESC meets all your staging needs

When you choose ESC, you get the robust resources of a national company with the personalized service you expect from a local outlet. We work closely with you to design a solution that meets all your staging needs. We can build a stage within an existing structure or construct the entire venue in an open field. But we go beyond generic construction to build a unique environment for your specific presentation. What to stage an extravagant event? No problem. We have every element you need for a spectacular, such as rolling, raked, tiered or rotating stages. Our event designers work closely with you to understand the essence of your event and craft a plan to accentuate its key elements.

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ESC staging serves all types of events

There’s no limit to the range of events that can benefit from ESC staging. Indoors or outdoors, we are the one-stop shop for hosts and producers. Events that we regularly stage include:

  • Awards ceremonies

  • Charity galas

  • Community theatre productions

  • Concerts and recitals

  • Corporate events

  • Dances and cotillions

  • Fashion shows

  • Fundraisers

  • Graduations

  • Neighborhood block parties

  • Parades

  • Political rallies

  • Promotional events

  • Renaissance festivals

  • Seasonal festivals

  • Sporting events

  • State and county fairs

  • Weddings

From quick pop-up events to multi-day festivals and seasonal installations, CSR has a system that will suit your event and fit your budget.

Moreover, our skilled technicians are ready to solve any problems associated with your prospective venue, such as seasonal and weather challenges, uneven or sloping terrain, and sight lines. We provide a wide variety of options, such as circular stages, raked stages, and multi-tiered platforms. We can configure audience seating risers, including multi-level seating riser construction, to enhance the viewer experience. All of our services are completely customizable.

In addition, as a full-service production assistance company, we can also support the staging of your event with audio and visual assets.

Safety first with ESC staging and rigging  

When you contract with a company to construct onsite staging, rigging and scaffolding, it’s natural to have safety concerns. An accident on rented equipment could have tragic consequences for your event. But with ESC, you can rest assured. We make safety our number one priority. Our skilled technicians double and triple-check every part of the assembly to ensure safety. We are committed to providing staging that is secure and durable, so it remains sound through the full run of your production.

We also care for the safety of your audience, so we are ready to supply handrails and ADA-compliant access ramps wherever necessary at your venue.

In addition, we’re mindful of security, and can provide elements that safeguard your facilities and personnel. Our services include crowd barriers that keep your audience at a safe distance from the stage. We can establish sectioned-off prohibited areas, and design the space to control pedestrian traffic along the appropriate paths.

Pop Music Stage
concert line array production
A complete array of staging components available for you use

For clients who only need certain elements of our staging package, we provide equipment rentals. You can access:

  • AV platforms

  • Bike rack barricades

  • Choral risers

  • Decks

  • Drum risers

  • EXE Dynamic Stack Track

  • Fashion runways and catwalks

  • FOH structures

  • Concert roof systems

  • Curtain track systems

  • Load cells

  • Mix positions

  • Mobile stages

  • Rigging

  • Pipe and drape

  • Seating risers

  • Scaffolding

  • Staircases

  • Stanchions

  • Video wall rigging

ESC has a large inventory of staging equipment to meet your needs. Our rental assets are always reliable and are an economical solution for events with a modest budget. In addition, our technical consultants are available 24 hours a day, so you can access professional support to ensure success.

Contact ESC to reserve the best staging solutions for your upcoming event   

The first step to staging a successful event is contacting ESC. Call us at [phone] or contact us online to reserve a consultation with one of your highly trained associates.

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