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ESC Builds LED Video Walls to Dazzle Your Audience

Video Wall NEC Samsung 46 Ultraslim
Flexible designs and configurations for larger-than-life displays

There are moments that are simply too big even for the big screen. When you’re launching a product or making an announcement of gigantic import, you want an entire wall of dazzling imagery supporting your message. ESC is the company you can trust for top-quality LED video wall rentals. Our services are available nationwide, but you get the level of personalized attention you’d expect from a local outfit. With the able assistance of ESC’s talented designers and highly trained technicians, you can rock your audience with a spectacular display they won’t soon forget.

What is an LED video wall?

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through Times Square or attended a major sporting event, you’ve seen the Jumbotron. Some of these video displays can be several stories tall. Yet the light they emit is elegant and not overpowering, and the images are in the crisp detail of HD. Video walls also energy efficient, and they don’t run hot, making them extremely safe to use for extended periods.

Of course, the Jumbotrons are not single screens built on a massive scale; like tiles on a bathroom wall, they’re individual squares fitted together and calibrated so that each square projects a part of the image. Yet, you get a seamless image that looks like it’s coming from a single screen. And because LED walls are made of individual flat panels, they are flexible in the countless ways they can be configured, though most often you’ll see flat displays or cubes.

Our designers can help you fashion a unique display that best serves your messaging needs. LED video walls are perfect for personalizing large-scale marketing content; whether it’s to promote your brand, or introduce a new product or service. Our designers understand the essentials of marketing, and are ready to help you make the most of your display.

Video Convention
samsung nec video wall
What are the benefits of LED video wall displays?

Nothing grabs attention like a dynamic, colorful display blown up to gigantic proportions. With an LED video wall, you can:

  • Magnify your product hundreds of times

  • Zoom in to details, such as the facial expressions of presenters and    performers

  • Run video or rotate still images, so the display keeps changing and      maintains the viewers’ attention

  • Deliver an indelible branding experience for your company’s                    employees or the buying public

When it’s time to make a huge impression on your audience, nothing works as well as a tall and wide wall of high-resolution video.

ESC provides LED video walls for a wide range of purposes and events

Our clients use LED video walls to present messages and live entertainment on a grander scale. We provide walls for use in:

  • Art displays and museum exhibits

  • Concerts and recitals

  • Corporate events

  • Fashion shows

  • Fundraisers

  • Graduations

  • Hotel, resort and retail advertising

  • Political rallies

  • Product launches

  • Promotional events

  • Religious services

  • Seasonal festivals

  • Sporting events

  • State and county fairs

  • Theatrical productions

  • Trade shows

When you have a huge event, remember that the experience is always more impressive on a bigger screen.

6x8 Screen FastFold Renaissance rear projection
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ESC has the quality equipment and expert guidance to ensure your success

When choosing an LED video wall, your first considerations are the size of the display and quality of the equipment. ESC only stocks the finest LED video wall tiles from leading brands, such as Absen, Barco and Planar. We choose components that project pristine HD images that are appealing to the eye. But these products are also durable enough to withstand the process of loading and transporting, assembling and disassembling. Our components are proven to perform exceptionally, even after repeated handling and long-term use.


How large a display might you need? That’s where our designers and technicians come in. We can advise you on the aesthetic and technical aspects of the display, based on the type of event you’re producing and/or the messaging you need to get across, as well as the venue. Our technicians can explain specifications, such as the pixel pitch and aspect ratio, so you can be confident you’re getting the right array of equipment for your display.       

Choosing ESC for your video wall rental   

When you choose ESC for your video wall rental, you get the finest quality equipment, along with a dedicated team of designers and technicians. We are committed to delivering the best experience possible for you and your audience.

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