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ESC Visual Services Let the Audience Catch Every Detail

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Vivid imaging makes every seat the best in the house

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Put another way, if you can’t see what’s going on, no amount of explanation is going to compensate for what you’ve missed. Knowing that, you want to ensure that every member of your audience has a crystal-clear view of your presentation, so they can catch every detail. That’s the idea behind ESC’s visual services. We can’t put every audience member in the front row, but with high-quality, ideo technology, we can bring the stage, dais or podium to them.

With ESC visual services, you can:

  • Enhance the comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment of your entire audience

  • Keep everyone in the venue engaged

  • Eliminate disturbing chatter from audience members who can’t follow what’s happening

You put a great deal of planning into your presentation and delivery. All your work is for naught if your audience can’t see clearly. But with a little help from ESC, you can get your content message across effortlessly in vivid, memorable images.

Visual support for virtually any type of event

The ESC team has experience in a wide range of events, from audiences of 5,000 plus to more intimate gatherings. The types of events we support include:

  • Banquets and galas

  • Conventions

  • Concerts and stage shows

  • Corporate retreats

  • Fashion shows

  • Gaming tournaments

  • Graduations

  • Lectures and panel discussions

  • Parties and receptions

  • Product launches

  • Town halls

  • Trade shows

  • Training seminars

  • Weddings

If your event presents challenges to the audience’s visual experience, our highly trained technicians can provide the right solution.

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ESC delivers visual solutions with the finest available equipment

ESC combines powerful tools with extensive knowledge and experience to ensure the visual support of your program is flawless. We work closely with you to support all the key aspects of your presentation with top-of-the-line equipment that includes:

  • High resolution cameras and projectors

  • TV Monitors

  • Video Walls

  • Video switchers

  • Confidence monitors

  • Cue slide advancers

  • Digital mixers

We stock only the finest equipment, from brands such as:

  • Barco

  • BenQ

  • Christie

  • Epson

  • LG

  • NEC

  • Optoma

  • Panasonic

  • Samsung


  • Sony

Most importantly, our congenial staff of skilled technicians provides a hand-hold experience throughout planning, set-up, operation and breakdown.

Services scaled to the needs of your venue and your audience

Custom video services are a must for large venues, where the distance from front to back and side to side shrinks your presenters and performers. You don’t want to force your audience to crane their necks, stand up, or whip out the opera glasses. But even moderate-sized venues can benefit from strategically placed screens and monitors, especially when you want your audience to catch the finer points of a presentation. If you’re presenting a slide show, you want everyone to be able to read the text. If your presentation involves small props, awards, or products, you want your audience to zoom in on the details. And to keep everyone emotionally connect, you want your audience to read the facial expressions of your presenters.

ESC offers custom plans based on your specific program. We put your needs first, designing a plan that fits your goals and your budget. So, whether you need a fully stacked video wall or simply a few 25-inch flat screen displays, we’ve got you covered.

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ESC supports streaming of your live event 

Recent years have taught us the importance of being able to stream an event to a wider audience. ESC supports streaming with equipment and know how. We handle platform operation, provide clear instructions for joining and logging on, and enable breakout rooms for in-depth, small group experiences.

Our streaming services are ideal for social events, as well as book launches, recitals, cooking demos, and more. ESC helps ensure that no interested party has to miss your big event.

All the technology you need to make your event a success

ESC rents a wide range of computer equipment that our clients can use to support their events. These include:

  • Desktop and laptop computers

  • Printers and copiers

  • Scanners

  • Servers

  • Gaming systems

If you need to augment your tech inventory to equip your staff for the event, you can avoid the high cost of purchasing new assets by renting quality products from ESC.

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ESC video services give every guest the best seat in the house. Call us at [phone] or contact us online to reserve a consultation with one of your highly trained associates.

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